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RocketPort® Plus uPCI 422

Products Discontinued
The RocketPort® Plus uPCI 422 products have been discontinued and replaced by the RocketPort INFINITY. Visit this page for a list of replacement products. The RocketPort® Plus uPCI 422 product pages will be maintained to provide product information and support.

RocketPort Plus uPCI 422 multi-port serial cards, uPCI multi-port RS-422 serial cards, 4-Port RS-422 serial card, 8-Port RS-422 serial card

The Comtrol family of RocketPort Plus uPCI multi-port RS-422 serial cards makes high-performance serial device connectivity reliable, cost effective, and easy. RocketPort multi-port cards are ideal for peripheral control applications such as data acquisition, point-of-sale, and factory floor automation.

RocketPort Plus uPCI 422 Features:

RocketPort Plus uPCI 422 Product Comparison Chart