GSS Developer Kit

For Lodging Link® Guest Service Manufacturers

Comtrol’s Hospitality Products Division provides the industry’s ONLY universal protocol translation system for connecting Property Management Systems with hundreds of Guest Service Systems (GSSs), including PBX, call accounting, voice mail, keyless entry, in-room movies, internet access, mini-bar, point-of-sale, and energy management. Comtrol’s Lodging Link™, the premier universal interface for the hospitality industry, was developed to help hotels and motels meet the integration challenge. Through a universal interface "engine," Lodging Link provides seamless, bi-directional communication between multiple hospitality systems.

The GSS Developer Kit enables GSS manufacturers to develop directly to Comtrol’s UHLL protocol specification. This gives GSS manufacturers the capability to eliminate the cost and effort of designing, developing, testing, and deploying their own communications protocols. It also ensures that the manufacturers’ GSS devices are immediately compliant with all UHLL-based Property Management Systems in the marketplace.

One Interface Delivers Compatibility Many PMS Vendors’ Products

Write One "Universal" Interface and Become Instantly Compatible with Many PMS Vendors’ Products. Incompatibility between PMS software and a Guest Service System may be the only thing preventing a PMS vendor from using your product in their solution. That’s why Comtrol introduced the GSS Developers Program, which enables you to write a single, “universal” interface and eliminate incompatibility issues. Using our kit to write a universal interface offers the following advantages:

What’s Included in the Developer Kit?

The GSS Software Development Kit consists of the following components: