What is UHLL?

Comtrol’s proprietary UHLL (Universal Hospitality Language Layer) is now the industry standard message language that enables communication between UHLL-compliant Property Management Systems (PMS) and Hotel System Devices.

There are many UHLL-compliant PMS Systems currently on the market. By using Comtrol’s Lodging Link family of products and UHLL, these PMS systems can communicate with 620 Hotel System Devices.

PMS Providers – Reduce your Development and Maintenance costs

You no longer need to write custom code for each hotel system device. By using Lodging Link and our PMS Developer Kit you can develop a system that can speak to hundreds of hotel system devices using one common language.

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Hotel System Device Manufacturers – Decrease Time-to-Market

Incompatibility between PMS software and hotel system devices may be the only thing preventing a PMS vendor from using your product with their solution.

By using Comtrol’s GSS Developer Kit, you will be able to write one "Universal" Interface and your hotel system device will communicate with any UHLL-compliant PMS installation. Your device now becomes very attractive to PMS companies, as they will have little or no interface work to do to integrate your device into their installation.

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