IO-Link Solutions

Paint Spraying Operation Integrates IO-Link

A furniture manufacturer was in need of a time and money saving solution. This company needed something that could identify the size of sections of furniture on the paint spraying line and thus reduce over-spraying and wasting paint.

Mining Application Using IO-Link Master and PC

A North American mining systems integrator implemented a solution for a mining company seeking a better way to identify particle size and increase awareness of jams on their mineral mineral fragmentation conveyor line.

Material Handling with IO-Link

A large material handling systems integrator in the Midwestern U.S. had a customer that was experiencing difficulty along their 24V powered roller conveyor system. Needing a solution that could eliminate this from continuing in the future, the industrial supplier turned to a systems integrator and Comtrol’s IO-Link Master.

Packaging Automation with IO-Link

A CPG (consumer packaged goods) manufacturer produces several varieties of one product, requiring different printed labels during packaging. The...